Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New Girlie applique designs!

UPDATED with new designs and pictures!
As I said below, here are a few of the new applique designs for this summer. These are available all year and will be made with different fabrics depending on your request (and what's available). I will be posting more appliques to this post in the next few weeks, so keep checking back. I will also post pictures of some of the samples I have stitched out. Check below for more recent posts.

Flower with letter design
Flip Flops!

Ice Cream Heart

Alli Gator

Argyle-perfect for summer! I just made one for my daughter with pink and green ginghams.

Boy summer applique designs

Updated with new designs!

Of course these are available all year and the fabrics can/will be different, depending on your request.  Keep watching this post because I will be adding new appliques in the next couple of weeks! I will also post pictures of samples I have stitched out. Happy Shopping!


argyle for boys

New Puppy

sample of the puppy stitched out
Baseball and bats

Rock Star Guitar
Alligator-in BOY colors of course!

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Monday, March 29, 2010

New Cross appliques

Below are more recent cross shirts I have made. They are can be sewn on anything from shirts, hand towels, tea towels and kitchen towels. They are great gifts for someone who has everything-available in a variety of fabric colors.

Elmo birthday shirt

This shirt was created for one of my son's friends. He loves Elmo and was having a special Elmo birthday party.  It was the first time I had done an Elmo shirt. Now both of my kids want one!

Recent Orders March 2010

Below are some of my recent orders...all items are available for you. Email me to order!

These shirts were made for a little brother and little sister to wear to their Big brother's baseball games this summer. I embroidered their names on the back with a number-their birth order. Love the Fan Shirts!

Recent Big Sister and Burp Cloth order...